The curious case of ABATE’s State Treasurer Spectre; part II

It seems the previous article struck a nerve as more information has revealed itself.

Turns out ABATE of Colorado took out their first loan to cover increasing losses in February of 2014, 7 months prior to the confusing happenings which started in September. The Board of Directors confirmed they knew about the loan and thanked the State Coordinator (Ms. Howard) for guaranteeing the loan and getting it secured 23 days after the initial discussion on Feb 5th, 2014. Things did not improve in the next 7 months.

The State Treasurer starts a financial investigation Sept 4th but requests a loan extension Sept 9th. The extension was approved Sept 16th, 2014. This implies the Board encouraged and supported the violation of Article IX of their Bylaws:

“No member, officer or director of the corporation shall be held personally liable for the
debts and obligations of ABATE.”

Maybe the Board wasn’t familiar with this part of their Bylaws, or interpreted them differently?

The investigation which the State Treasurer started Sept 4th is cause for the State Coordinator’s suspension Sept 17th, the day after the loan she is guarantor of is approved. A Board meeting is held on Sept 20th and the State Coordinator is re-instated but put on administrative leave so the investigation can continue. To complicate matters, ABATE moved office spaces Sept 13th and started unpacking Sept 15th so most records are still in boxes, and disorganization is rampant, as would understandably be the case, as it would with any move.

The State Treasurer resigns Sept 22nd, 2014. It is a challenge to make sense of the situation and the frustration mounts. The State Coordinator resigns Oct 1st, 2014, still as guarantor of the loan. The investigation continues.

The first week of Dec, 2014, Ms. Howard, the former State Coordinator is informed she has been reported to the police for forgery and theft. She turns herself in Dec 6th, 2014 and spend 2 nights in jail. The forgery charge is dropped very quickly when the police discover inconsistent office financial guarantee practices. It takes the ABATE investigators a month to produce “2.5 inches of paper” for the District Attorney as alleged proof of Ms. Howard’s criminal activity. Jan 23rd the case is dropped because the DA is unable to provide a Statement of Particulars. The DA couldn’t find any reason to pursue the case.

So, considering this time line, it seems rather curious that the State Treasurer started an investigation 4 days before the State Coordinator was asked to extend the loan which was taken out in February.

It is also rather curious that the State Treasurer resigned 5 days after Ms. Howard was suspended in an attempt to avoid all implications and possible connections.

However, the real puzzle here is why the State Treasurer is being protected. Why was Ms. Howard to blame and not the State Treasurer? Why is the State Treasurer such an unknown and mysterious entity? At Least there would be a reasonable explanation for ABATE’s financial affairs…

Ghosts don’t do bookkeeping.


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  1. Ann Layson

    GREAT article, the truth is finally coming out!! However, Ms Howard was State Coordinator, not Secretary, I’m sure you will have more in the future. Thank you!!

    • Thanks for the correction! This is why I shouldn’t report at 2AM in the morning. My apologies, work has been insane, it has now been corrected.

  2. Thank you for updating the “goings on” at ABATE of Colorado! Would love to see the outcome of the final results and hoping for some sort of compensation for MS Howard for all she has been through because of the actions of Abate (jail time, loss of employment and defamation of character).

  3. Ann Layson

    I want her to sue the HELL out of them!!!

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