AMA News: Motorcycle Crash Study, The EPA, ABATE and Fred Ham

So, apparently the AMA only wants to provide news to it’s members, which is fine, and should cause you to sign up and become a member, however, until that happens for you, here are some interesting little tidbits:

Motorcycle safety study:

Wayne Allard wrote in the February 2015 American Motorcyclist under the Viewpoint column that the Motorcycle Crash Causation Study underway at Oklahoma State University has received more funding to continue gathering data for 1 more year. It will focus on 100 more cases in California because it offers year-round riding and a large population of varying riders.

The team is using the protocol of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development so cases with no injuries are dropped. This study is meant as a follow up on the HURT report from 1976 – about time we got newer/more statistics!

EPA on E-15:

“EPA to delay 2014 Renewable Fuel Standards” – For those of you who haven’t been following this issue, the EPA wants to force us to use E-15 fuels in our motorcycles. Not all motorcycles are certified to run on E-15 and it could possibly damage engines, so, the discussion continues for one more year. There are some very heated jurisdiction specific E-15 discussion going on, but you’ll have to get a hold of an AMA American Motorcyclist to get the scoop on that.

Motorcycle Training:

It seems all across the nation people are taking a longer, harder look at motorcycle training. Even Colorado’s ABATE’s troubles was mentioned, and the state run MOST program was highlighted. “In early October, ABATE terminated it’s paid state coordinator and announced a reorganization plan that deemphasized rider training. ABATE ended it’s 2014 training season in November, a month earlier than planned.”

Fred Ham:

An amazing rider who set world records for Canada to Mexico, 24-hour mileage record and CanonBall runs, he died too young as a motorcycle officer in California.

The AMA represents riders’ rights and issues on a national level. I’m not rewarded by the AMA for plugging them, I just believe in motorcycle rights and organizations.


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