Duke Engines: New reciprocating ICE engine

Technology is directly related to the experience we all have on a motorcycle. Some riders are drawn to older tech because of it’s feel, sound and experience like a bevel-drive Ducati L-Twin with it’s desmodromic valve action dating back to the 1950’s. Some riders prefer the most up-to-date technology in the form of I-4’s (Straight 4) and their “big-bang” variants like the Yamaha R1. For the next few Fridays a new take on the age-old reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) will be shown. In their differences much understanding can be gained as to why we like what we like.

Duke Engines out of Australia have decided to combine the port and rotary crank concepts from a Wankel Rotary engine with the reciprocating pistons of a common ICE engine. This allows the elimination of the entire valve train, including camshafts, valves, valve guides. With the elimination of these parts, overall internal friction is decreased. Along with the higher power density of the cylinder arrangement this makes for a very reliable and powerful engine. Check out the engine for a much more detailed explanation.

Thanks to Mike for the Submission!


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  1. Wow, very cool. So many implications for the future.

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