Self-Driving Race Cars: Motorcycle friend or foe?

They say the self-driving car is faster than an expert, but that is not shown in the video. I’m not sure how this is possible as in the car in the video exhibits some erratic behavior which is trained out of race car drivers because it decreases the lap time. It would be interesting to see the splits and to run the test on a blind circuit for both driver and car. As mentioned in the video, the application in driver aids before full autonomy is allowed is immense. That alludes to at least two very exciting possibilities.

1.) The car will ALWAYS be looking for motorcyclists with an attention span unmatched by humans, hopefully making those cars safer, even if it’s just a driver-aid system.

2.) Connect this with car-to-car communication and traffic might actually move at the appropriate optimal speed reducing traffic jams and accidents. How fantastic would it be when the acceleration lane will actually be used for accelerating?!


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Dandooligan CO, United States Every ride spurs the yearning for another and as such, has pushed me to adopt the riding lifestyle and all of it's challenges. This blog concerns those challenges from bikes to gear, media about bikes, and maybe even some psychology/sociology on the subject as well. Dandooligan, a mash-up of Dandy and Hooligan, both very important parts of me and my outlook on life. I'm also known as Spooph



    Every computer can have a blue screen.Same with human brains. So interested to see where this will go. Will the younger cars want to race me at the light ? šŸ˜‰

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