False charges dropped, ABATE embarrassed by lax records.

The second charge against Terry Howard (theft) has been dropped. The DA couldn’t provide a statement of particulars. So, if the DA couldn’t find how Terry stole money from ABATE, who stole the money? If the money wasn’t stolen, where did it go?

It’s extremely interesting to see board members, who were presumably there when this all occurred, asking the same questions I’ve been asking.” – Ken Bingenheimer, ABATE member who was in attendance at last meeting.

Please refer to Ken Bingenheimer’s latest blog article for insight as to how the last board meeting went, and how it seems that there will never be the records needed to find out exactly what happened here…

State Coordinator Bruce Downs stressed one point he has made before, which is that lax practices of conducting business in the past make it hard now to reconstruct the events that led to the group’s current financial crisis.” – same article as above.

So they’ve identified that they were lazy, was that the case as well with their internal investigation which led them to report Terry Howard as a thief? If so, when exactly and to which extent did their business practices change? People, motorcyclists, need to see something more than a cold shoulder and lumbering, stuttering unsure excuses.

Subscribe, there are some shocking things yet to be revealed…


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