Example: Why we need watch-dog organizations


Yosemite National Park proposed to discriminate against motorcyclists by disproportionately increasing the entrance fee for them by 150%, when all other increases were 50%. Thanks to the AMA and other watchful associations, the increase for motorcyclists was amended to the same 50% all other entrants would experience.



Why is it important to keep an eye on these things?

Because LAWS AND POLICIES ARE ENFORCED BASED ON PREVIOUS LAWS AND POLICIES, thus, if a policy changes with greater focus on one group than another, it provides a basis for similar laws/policies to be enacted in the same way. Yosemite is a precedent setting National Park. Other parks looks to it to set policies across the country. If they do it, other parks will follow suite, as it’s one way to keep loud motorcycles out of parks.

Join the AMA and your state MRO so you can help keep things equal for riders.


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