Letter from Ann Layson on 11/13/2014


This is an email sent to 17 people:

I am Ann Layson, I am Terry Howard’s sister, and currently, according to your by laws am still a member of ABATE until November 30, 2014. I plan on being at the board
meeting on the 15th weather permitting, I am confident that I will not be allowed to speak so I am sending to you directly, I got the email addresses from the Spokesman. It has been insinuated that Terry Howard stole money from ABATE and that is why ABATE is in financial difficulties, this is a lie. The account in question is the RANDY RUN ACCOUNT not the ABATE general account. First off Perrie Ranburger needs to stop telling people that Terry stole $10,000.00 from ABATE. In the Spokesman it was stated that “an investigation was conducted and and enough evidence to support the allegations of Breach of Fiduciary Duties of the State Coordinator” were found. First of all Terry had no Fiduciary Duties in her job description. Secondly, Randy Savely (who is the chairman of the Randy Run committee) was only asked about a check that was paid out to his now ex-wife Joan. No one asked about cash money paid out at any of the runs until about a week ago and he was asked to give details of what was paid. His response was, give him the list and he would go over it, as he could not remember all of the items money was paid out for, he has NOT been contacted again. Secondly Lisa Gill who is also on the committee was never contacted, she can verify the expenses also, where did this evidence come from?

The Randy Run Account in Quick Books crashed some time around of the end of 2012, this affected checks written in 2010 to 2012. Instead of the bookkeeper or accountant(who is a personal friend of Perrie’s) rebuilding the account Terry was to told by your accountant to rebuild it from bank statements, which only have check numbers, not who
the check was written to, she did a rebuild from memory, how many of you can remember who you wrote checks to from 1, 2 or 3 years before? She did the best she could, this was not her job. The time line as I know it is as follows:On September 9, 2014, Terry was approached by Perrie and was asked if she would sign for another loan for ABATE as there was not enough money in the checking account to make payroll. Terry contacted the loan company and was given a loan of $28,000.00 (that she signed for personally, which means that if ABATE does not pay for it SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR IT), it sounds like she will have to pay for it since ABATE is in such financial trouble that it has to ask for the Districts and members to help make payroll. Perrie asked her if she was held personally responsible for paying it off, she told her yes. The loan was approved on 9-11-2014, Terry signed the actual documents on 9-12-2014 and the money was deposited in ABATES checking account on 9-15-2014, Terry was falsely accused on 9-17-2014 and suspended on that date. The 3 day right to recind had passed, so she could not cancel the loan.

Question: why would Terry steal money and then sign for a $28,000.00 loan? She was taken totally by surprise, she was shown copies of checks that dated back to 2010 and asked what the money was used for, she could not remember most of them, if your bookkeeper or accountant had reconciled the account monthly (as is their job), using
Quick Books this problem would never had come up, but Perrie admitted that it had been some time since she had looked at the account (like almost 5 years). Why was
your Accountant at this meeting? She is not a board member and has no authority for anything. One would think she should have looked at it sooner and the answer of “it was
reconciled from the bank statements” is a lie, it is not possible, try it on your personal checking account. Terry was reinstated on 9-20-2014 and was told to report for work on 9-22-2014, which she did and was told by your committee to go home for the day,Perrie and your accountant Michelle were both in the office by themselves at this
time. ThenTerry was told that evening by Stump at the COC meeting that she was on a 2 week administrative leave. She had also written the voters guide and officer
nominations for the Spokesman for Stump during her dismissal. Is she really a person who is trying to hurt ABATE? Terry was bannned from the office while your
“investigation” was going on, she had no access to any receipts, but Perrie and Michelle did, as Terry’s attorney said “the receipts aren’t there anymore”! If you read your by laws this whole thing was handled improperly. Please refer to Article VI, paragraph 5 B, you all should know these by laws. Evidently this is typical of how things are handled by ABATE.

Terry had been compiling problems with Perrie and had planned to bring them to the Boards attention at the 9-20-2014 meeting. Do you not realize the problems that Perrie
has caused by helping Emilliano at CDOT with the Certification of the MOST instructors? Shouldn’t Perrie have been at least reprimanded for going over budget in
the advertising account by $45,000.00? Should her son have gone to class for free and failed and never taken the class again? Your previous Landlord thinks ABATE has
$89,000.00 in assets because the bookkeeper doesn’t know how, and the accountant hasn’t depreciated your assets in Quick Books, (Quick Books will depreciate assets for
you automatically if you know how to use the program). Are these responsible fiduciary acts? Also Terry received a letter from US Bank about a credit card in her name stating she had requested a credit card in the name of Perrie Ranburger, this was after she was actually fired from ABATE, we have a copy of the letter for your inspection. Terry could not have requested a card since she no longer had a card nor the account number. She quickly cancelled the card and the card with Capitol One, which still has a
balance of $2400.00. Perrie does what Perrie wants, I would have fired her back in 2010 when Andrea Mathews (the previous State Treasurer) said she had too much
power and couldn’t be trusted. Terry has presented you with all of the problems she has had with Perrie with no response from you, but Terry has been accused, tried and
convicted with no actual proof. If you had not suspended her in September, you would have had an additional $8,000.00 in your general checking account from one of the many past grants she has written for ABATE, which totals almost $400,000.00, by the way as per your policy the $56,000.00 that she secured for ABATE before her suspension, should also be paid to her. She has written several emails to all of the board members and the attorney about money that is still owed her and gotten no response, she shows you owe her $10,692.93 in grant fees which she has proof she hasn’t been paid from the 1099’s she has received and $2,253.68 comp time, which you all know she was required at these meetings per your by laws again see VI, 5A.

Since you are avoiding answering Terry on these matters, I intend to put this document out to all social media and request all friends and family to share, so the whole world will know how ABATE of Colorado handles their affairs and has treated a very loyal employee, Terry Howard. I feel the other ABATE organizations in other states will find this very interesting, since Terry has conducted business with them on her personal vacation time at no cost to ABATE of Colorado. Many members and even board
memers know that Terry has taken money out of her own pocket to pay for ABATE expenses. She most likely never asked for reimbursement. Several motorcycle groups
have stated that Terry Howard is ABATE of Colorado and the organization of ABATE of Colorado is a dinosaur that Terry Howard has tried to bring into the present and involve
younger riders. You as the board of ABATE of Colorado should be ashamed of the way this whole matter was handled.


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Dandooligan CO, United States Every ride spurs the yearning for another and as such, has pushed me to adopt the riding lifestyle and all of it's challenges. This blog concerns those challenges from bikes to gear, media about bikes, and maybe even some psychology/sociology on the subject as well. Dandooligan, a mash-up of Dandy and Hooligan, both very important parts of me and my outlook on life. I'm also known as Spooph


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  2. Dennis Cody

    Abate of Colorado has it’s day of reckoning coming. You board members are not even smart enough to recognize the snake in the grass who is making false accusations. You illegally took money from the Randy Run account that was for fallen bikers to pay Abate bills. I used to be proud to be an Abate member. Now I’m pissed off and ashamed of you all (board members). There is a special place in hell for liars and cheats.

  3. Deb

    There is so much wrong with this letter but let me focus on just a couple of things.
    First “First of all Terry had no Fiduciary Duties in her job description. ” Ever heard of corporate law? The very act of sitting on a Board of Directors for a non-profit organization creates those fiduciary duties.

    Second, “Also Terry received a letter from US Bank about a credit card in her name stating she had requested a credit card in the name of Perrie Ranburger, this was after she was actually fired from ABATE, we have a copy of the letter for your inspection.” It was supposed to be a different account. I know because I was there when it was applied for. Terry had already been removed from all accounts at the time. One of the purposes of getting a new card was to transfer the balance from the new card to pay off Terry’s card.

    Third, I know what the (then) Board said about comp time and wrote into the policy, but consider (and Terry knows this because the attorney told her in both our presence) that according to the State of Colorado Labor laws, comp time is ‘illegal’ for salaried employees.

    Finally, “Perrie and your accountant Michelle were both in the office by themselves at this time.” No they weren’t… I was there and so were several board members.

    I could go on but technically, I have no authority to speak for ABATE — especially on issues that continue to be under investigation (for those of you who continue to ‘demand’ the board give you information — they can’t).

    I do, however, have authority to speak for myself and what I know to be true.

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