Repress: One awesome looking Post-Gen 250

A beautiful 250!

Jim McCloud is a really cool guy, and a really cool uncle! He found this bike for his nephew, and since it was in pretty bad shape, he thought he’d fix it up. One thing led to another, and viola, two years later, awesomeness! He said that he got many of the ideas he used on this particular 250 from MotoGP, as he is an avid fan. Although he knows what he’s doing, he found this post, and worked off of it for many parts of the project, so if you’re interested in something like this, go check it out! Jim used to own a company on the side, by the name of Restoration Station, restoring old motorcycles. However, due to high running costs he closed the company and now only does projects out of his garage if he isn’t wrenching on airplanes. If you search for Restoration Station in San Jose, you might find this Restoration Station, not Jim’s company.

He’s a very nice and polite guy, filled with energy, and a hoot to talk to! However, he knows his craft and is under no delusions about how much his work is worth. He reported this Ninja 250 project at close to $10,000, out of range for most 250 owners, but he is more than willing to work with each individual, getting them what they need. So, if you only want to purchase the front bolt-on fairing, he can do that. Currently he’s finishing up Malcolm Smith’s 1976 Husky, so he’s well connected as well!  Also, if you see this particular bike riding somewhere between Lompoc and Santa Barbarra, that’s Jim’s Nephew, one of the luckiest nephews EVAR!

Jim's CL360 after all the resto work. Beautiful bike!

Jim has an intense focus on detail.

This is another of his projects, a CL360, beautiful, isn’t it? If you were in the Bay Area, you might have seen this in the formerly Gilroy Honda, now High Gear Power Motorsports showroom last year….

For the full 250 project write-up, go here

mmm, delicious!!

Jim is currently accepting new projects and commissions, and can be reached at: 408 375 8935.


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  1. Walter

    both of those bikes are slick… did he say what if any engine mods were done, and if so what is the hp (as well as the mpg)?

    • erps, that’s kind of important, isn’t it. 😛 He modified the Ninja 250, yes, with a freer-breathing intake and exhaust, but didn’t say how much gain that gave him. He didn’t do any internal mods to the engine, so I’m guessing the ninja is around 30hp or so, that seems to be the standard for intake/exhaust…

      • No engine mods were done. A K&N airfilter was added taking away the old airbox. The Carbs were rejetted to accomodate the new exhaust. We shaved probably around 30 lbs off of the bike so it really has some jump to it compared to other 250’s. A new rear sprocket was added also that added 2 teeth to it so it has more jump off the line. I could really tell the difference between how it was when i bought it stock and what it was like after my uncle got through with it.

      • Thanks for posting up Jeremy! Really sweet bike you got there! Keep in touch and keep me posted on some of the adventures you have with the bike. 🙂 Rubber side down.

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