Trending KONY 2012: America, F’yea!

You’ve probably all heard of the Kony 2012 campaign. If not, all the links are listed below, it IS a worthy cause.

Joseph Kony. Photo credit:

Ask yourself the question: How powerful could America be if they emulated KONY 2012 passion and demands about the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan? What about Abortion, Equality, LGBT rights? What about Bank or Airline regulation? Sounds like we have enough issues right here in the US, no? Shouldn’t we fix our own country first before we impose our arrogant western thought on others?

Hasn’t the western (white) man already screwed Africa up enough through slavery and colonization 3 hundred of years ago?

Oh wait, what about South America and the rain forests (a global resource), or Asia as a whole and collection of so many countries who could use tons of aid? Oh, lest we forget, what about the Middle East, Europe, aren’t they all bankrupt anyway? Aren’t we bankrupt?

Against all of these possible issues, its easy to see how the Kony campaign pales in comparison with much larger global issues. No, I’m not urging you stay away from KONY 2012, I’m urging that once you’ve given to KONY2012, plastered the posters, worn your bracelets and on and on, to keep going after all of the other issues and not simply feel good for a while and forget… DO NOT forget that our world is very much broken!

Mr. Russel, the film maker of the last 12 KONY films over the past 14 years, is an absolute genius! His ability to highlight the issues, and hide certain opposing facts puts him right on par with Michael Moore. Very effective story telling indeed! True story telling? You’ll have to decide…

Oh yea, and if you want to keep this medium we’re all using to discuss these VERY IMPORTANT issues, throw these guys a few dollars… SOPA is dead, but it’s spirit is alive and kicking!

Invisible children’s youtube channel
The video:
KONY 2012
If you want to donate, or sign up for the campaign
About the organization behind Kony 2012

And then read these critiques:

And a rebuttal by Jason Russell, director of the viral video:

*This post is very much inconsistent with Dandooligan, but its VERY IMPORTANT, and for VERY IMPORTANT things, themes don’t matter.


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  1. AiM

    If everyone with a cause had access to the skills and budget of Jason Russell, you think our ‘care factor’ would be too diluted for anything to happen?

  2. lol, there are nearly 8 Billion people on this planet…. I doubt we’d get “diluted”… 🙂

  3. So, a friend posted this on his FB, and thought it to be hYlarious and relevant to this article:

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