Small Shops: Juicer, USA

We interrupt your regular scheduled unrelated and disjointed posts by returning for a moment to continue the mini-series focusing on cool small shops…

An attention whore and nerd's dream alike. If you or your admirers don't get off on the aesthetic, you will on the tech...

This beautiful e-moto is all electric, has a max speed of 47mph, and a range of  approximate 13miles @ 20mph. OK, so not enough for most of us, but for the inner city kid, small town fashionista, or the short distance commuter it’s absolutely perfect. In fact, I like it so much, I’d be willing to move closer to my job just so I can ride one to work every day. Consider the company found it’s ideals all the way back in 1911, where piston powered bicycles looked much the same, it only makes sense that uber-high-end performance is not the focus. The motos of that era didn’t fare much better, and were most definitely a bit more of a handful to keep running – spitting fire out of uncovered valve trains, having manual spark advances and other some such delicious old tech! Once the Juicer has been squeezed dry, EMotorBicycle had the forethought to keep the pedals where they are supposed to be, so at the very least you can get home if you happen to enjoy it too much, and don’t have time to stop at a coffee shop for a healthy dose of caffeine and electrons. Sure, it might be pricey at ~$3,000, but you’ll never have to buy gas for it…


Thanks to TheMercer for pointing this out to me!

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