Small shops: Blow By U

Blow By U motorized bicycles, USA

Felt 1903 "Tanner"

You might be saying, “WTF-over?” at first glance, but look back to our roots, and this article makes perfect sense! First, let’s go way back to the definition of a motor: “one that imparts motion” []. At the turn of the 19th century all kinds of different people started strapping engines of all sorts to bicycles in an attempt to replace the human pedal-power. These were called motor-bicycles, which were later referred to as motor-cycle, and became motorcycle as people became tired and lazy of writing an extra hyphen. So, although these are termed motorized bicycles, the definition differs only in the legislature… And honestly, if somebody let you borrow one of these, would you really turn them down with a “no thank you?” It makes noise, you don’t have to peddal, and you straddle it instead of stepping through. A motorcycle then!


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