Puma: Lean In – where do I meet these people?

This is a seriously cool advertising mini webisode-series called Lean-in and Ride with Us by Puma and Ducati, focusing on people and their bikes. It seems Puma is trying to become known as the Ducati brand. Smart choice! I would love to know how to find people they way they do.


Episode 1

Episode 2

– is it bad to be in love with this woman?

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

– That settles it! If the Fashonista rides a 916, it must be sexiest Duc ever built! I agree!


– or you could watch it at Puma’s site

Apparently Puma has noticed that Ducati riders really like Puma, and that those owners usually have a lot of money to spend. Puma is one of my favorite companies, cutting shoes in styles I like, that are comfortable, but are still too expensive for me justify purchasing. A pair of sneakers I wear once in a blue moon shouldn’t be worth half a track day! I watched the series and got very excited about spending bucks on Puma flavored riding gear, the stuff I WOULD buy – jackets, gloves, and boots, here.

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in their selection. They don’t have enough choices, and the choices they do I have I wouldn’t wear on my bike during my daily riding, never mind spirited stuff in the canyons… They’re not very confidence inspiring. So it’s about fashion then, the cuts, the logos, the printing, just another A&F line if you ask me…

So buying their stuff is out, but I want to know where they found these people, and where I could meet them, or people like them!  Especially Hannah Johnson from episode 2. This is the genius behind their campaign. Even though their products are logo based, as opposed to function oriented, and even if you don’t like Ducati’s, you’d want to wear these products because of the people in these videos! I want to be that cool! I want to be that successful! I want to be that happy!

This is a seriously effective marketing campaign, from a very sheikh company, with some amazing people. Well done Puma!


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