Overview: Scott’s Hugger and Flying

There are quite a few options out there when it comes to huggers for the 250. I decided to go with Scott’s hugger. It was the cheapest, the fastest install and the least intrusive when it comes to extraneous covers fitting over the chain guard. Besides, any person that builds airplanes is definitely over qualified to build my hugger… 😀

If you’re interested in this hugger, please email Scott at swings5@comcast.net

Build Quality? Excellent! The guy builds kit planes for a living for goodness sake! Not sure if this is made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Doesn’t matter to me. It’s solid, beautifully painted and a proper professional job. Mine cost me something like $135 shipped. Red is a 2-tone color, which means a greater cost in paint, which means slightly more expensive. Scott is a rate A guy and has a very quick turn-around for making these as 1-offs. This is a side project, which is why it’s all done through email. If you want to look at his planes, go here: Velocity Aircraft

Hugger arrived well packed:

Instructions, alcohol wipe, and shim are also in the box:

First remove left passenger pegs:

Next remove FRONT chain guard mounting bolt:

mmmm, dirty swing arm and mounting area. Not cool. Get in thar with some alcohol, brake cleaner, water and soap, or whatever you got. Get ‘er squeaky clean!

Ah, much cleaner on the surfaces that matters:

Test fit:

Peel back the tap and wiggle it in place, add plenty of pressure, then put the chain guard bolt back where it belongs. I think the little gasket type shim that came with is supposed to go in between the hugger and chain guard but I ended up not using it at all.


Please ignore the droopy turn signals, they have been eliminated. Refer here if you don’t know what’s going on with that

Since installing it I’ve found it to be adequate at keeping water off my tail section, so it work great. Well worth the money and few minutes it took to install! As a note: I bought an incorrect rear tire after installing the hugger and had to remove it to be able to ride with the tire. Let me tell you, it was a PITA to remove, that sucker stayed on there. So have no fear about it falling off halfway through a ride. It will stay.

On another note, for those who don’t know, a “hugger” is a mud guard for a motorcycle’s rear wheel which hugs the tire very closely, as opposed to some of the fenders which stem from underneath the rear seat of the motorcycle. Huggers are sexy. Fenders aren’t. Time to move onto the next project! Stay tuned


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