Falcon Motorcycles – Custom Exquisite

Falcon has gotten a lot of press lately, and rightly so. Save maybe a handful of custom motorcycle builders, Falcon does the unthinkable. What other builders would see as a waste of time, Falcon doesn’t.

Forget the performance and comfort of today. It doesn't matter where you park the Falcon Bullet, it will be a hit.

Located in bustling Los Angelese, Ian Barry and Amaryllis Knight got together in 2008 to build bikes. Since then, four more members have filled out the current team, the idea being to create the ultimate in old-skool, nostalgic and artistic, fully functional and rideable machines of the utmost curvaceous nature. Wow, some of my professors would shudder at that last sentence, and if I have to apologize for its excessive adjectives, I will, but there is just nothing else to describe Falcons.

The Concept of Ten:

The original Two decided that 10 is a good number, and following in the hyper exquisite and exclusive fashion, they put down some rules for their motorcycle:

* A collection of Ten one-of-a-kind motorcycles, never to be repeated.

* Ten unique custom motorcycles created around iconic pre- and post-war British engines with racing pedigree.

* Balancing our reverence for form and function, we strive to create work that is truthful in origin, purpose, and execution.

* We only build one per year, hand crafting each machine in house – the frame, tanks, exhaust, front forks, handlebars, levers, brakes, castle nuts, bolts, seats, even the cylinders.”

– falconmotorcycles.com

The long brass adjuster nut used to be a brass ingot. The attention to detail is impeccable!

Right, so these guys don’t just order parts and slap them together… THEY MAKE CYLINDERS… THEY MAKE SCREWS… Out of brass! How freakin’ cool is that? They use real leather wrapped around the handlebars as grips. There is no price or even price range listed on their bikes… How could there be? It’s one of the MOST UNIQUE bikes ever built! And they have to pay themselves and their shop with just 1 bike sold a year. For the majority of the population, Falcon is just a bunch of pictures to drool over.

Paying homage to the board-track racers of the 1910's and 20's the Kestrel is displaces many decades, and worth every penny.

But really, how bloody smart are these guys? Build a company that produces 1 motorcycle a year, based off of an engine that is decades old and has no emission or safety restrictions on it, structure the company to be a third function, a third art, and a third exclusivity and act like the crazy artistic characters they are… Viola! Moula! Catering to the people with too much money to count, Falcon is a reality. They showed at Pebble Beach in 2009, the first year motorcycles were allowed there, under the theme of pre-1959 British Motorcycles. Absolutely brilliant! Note: You have to be invited to attend Pebble Beach. Us mere plebeians aren’t allowed to set foot on such holy ground. Rumor has it, they also put diamonds in the champagne. I knew “Ians” were smart, but with a name like “Amaryllis” the brainwaves have to be off the charts! This company is destined for brilliance!

You almost don't want to ride it, it's so beautiful but if it came right down to it, I would be in that saddle faster than a Harley can lose parts!

For those who don’t know, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (in French, literally means “a competition of elegance”) was founded in 1950 as a side show to the Pebble Beach Road Race. This race was sponsored by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and held on a circuit of closed public roads. What an amazing event it must have been to see! Unfortunately, after 1956, Ernie McAfee slammed his Ferrari into a tree causing not only his death, but also that of the races. Luckily the race morphed into what is today known as Laguna Seca, and the Concourse has continued forth with it’s shoulders held high.

Can you tell I’m excited about this, and completely in love with these motorcycles? Yes, as I’m writing this I’m shouting the words and flailing around in my chair. Oh dear, I need some Ritalin. Right, off the side track and back onto Falcon. Um, what else is there to say other than to just copy and paste paragraphs of positive expletives for pages on end. So cool! I want, but will never have…



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