Krugger Motorcycles – Belgium (French)

Fred Krugger with his GoodWood land speed racer at the Bonneville Salt Flat.
Honda Elsinore

Born in the quaint little rural town of Malmedy Belgium, Fred Krugger grew up with parents who loved motor sport. His first motorcycle was a Honda CR50 Elsinore, and by 19 he had two Belgium’s Champion titles in Enduro racing. Having done the racing thing, he turned his focus to building motorcycles. With his first custom bike built at 16, a Suzuki ZR racer for himself, his sights are now set on building very different, very functional motorcycles. Unlike many other custom motorcycle builders who focus mostly on the aesthetic aspect of a build, Krugger builds many bikes to ride. His newest Veon Project has electronically actuated ride-height control for a convertible bike few have ever made a success of before. A true cruiser and sport bike for the street. The man is smart, no doubt. Will it hold it’s own against a pure-bred at the track? Doubtful. But when was the last time you rode the street as you do the track? If you’re answer is anything other than never you either have no idea how to ride fast on a track, or you’re just a stupid squidly squidy pants!


I really like Krugger’s bikes. They are fresh and new. They have both the clean lines of European style and the bombastic flare of a properly loud American bike. The Goodwood land speed racer is one of my favo(u)rites because it has a hint of old Ducati racer, traditional V-Twin American stream liner and proper tech, maybe even a bit futuristic from the Japanese. Although his bikes are obviously and purposefully skewed toward one genre or the other, all of Krugger’s creations are a breath of fresh air in an overly chopper, stretched bike, impracticality type of world. I could ride that bike on the street with some turn signals! And if that were the case, beware the coppas, because it would not be a slow cruise…

El Santo

A Krugger can run you anywhere between €40,000 and €150,000, which at the current exchange rate of 1:1.32 is $52,000 to $195,000. Worth every penny? Well, that depends. Do you aim to impress or to ride? I would say that’s expensive for just a bike to ride, but for a one off collector’s piece? Well, a Desmosedici, a factory Ducati is $80,000, so, I’d say they’re a bargain at that price!

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